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Motion Blur Compensation in HEVC

Im Rahmen des Projekts Next Generation Video Coding


Motion compensation has been one of the most important parts in video coding from the very beginning. Its goal is to find out same or similar content from previous or later frames in order to reduce the bits that would be written into bitstream for coding the content. It is obvious that the coding will be efficient, if a precise prediction is found.

Motion blur is the apparent streaking of rapidly moving objects in a still image or a sequence of images such as a movie or animation. An object will have different sharpness by viewing due to a change in velocity. However, the video coding standard up to date has not considered the compensation of such motion blur.

Thus the aim of the topic is to search approximate kernel that would offer a better synthese of blurring objects according to previous or later frames and provide more precision in prediction.


knowledge and experience in C/C++, interest in programming.

Ansprechpartner: Yiqun Liu